contactThe best way to contact me in the first instance is by email. Visit the contact page, the link is at the top of this page.

I do have both Twtter and Facebook accounts, but be warned that I rarely visit either of those sites, so don't expect an instant response from me if you choose to contact me through them.


chatMy Family Tree is at last up and running. I have finished coding the web page, which wasn't as easy as I had hoped, but it's here at last. If you do see any bugs then you know what to do!!!

I have collated so far a lot of information to put into it, at the moment it's rather bare. If you know any information that could be added, please do send an email to let me know. To have a look, click here

Hello there

editWell I've finally done it! Yes, here is my first attempt at a webpage. It is something that I've wanted to do for a while, but as any author will know, you put off what you can, whenever you can.

The main reason that I have written this site is so that you can find out a bit about me as well as look at some of the things I've been doing, and even get a taster of some of my scrivenings. I have tried to make it easy for you to navigate around, but if you think this place can be improved then don't hesitate to Contact me.

Hey get me, I've got a blog! hehe! The last time I had anything related to a diary, computers weren't mainstream. I don't yet know what I'll write in it, but I'll try and think of regular things to add to it... the life of an ordinary man!

Also, you may have noticed, the About page is a bit sparce. It's taken so much of my time putting what I have so far on this site and will take a bit more time, but come back and I'm sure it won't be long before I'll have it filled up.

Pick up your feet... got to move to the trick of the beat

Fred Deakin
Design Engineer & Writer