It was quite a sudden move from the Gunwalloe house where I had stayed for longer than any other place. I had found advertised a house for a short term let in Coverack - and with it I found the area where I will always hanker to return. I sadly left Coverack in 2008, vowing that one day I would return.

After then I found a farm in the middle of The Lizard, near Ruan Major. It was here that I really started to get my life back in order. I started to write a lot more and get myself back to some kind of health again. Although it was cold in the winter, boiling hot with flies buzzing around in the summer, and prone to getting flooded at the slightest downpour, the farm was cheap and it gave me a chance to hide away and mark out what I wanted to do for the future.

The stories that up to that point; including TheLate Christmas, Mother Nature, Sasquatch and others really came alive during my stay, and it wasn't long before I decided that more than anything else, I wanted to be a full-time novel writer. The only problem with that plan is that I need to somehow make money from it, which is not anywhere near as easy as it sounds. I turned forty-four while living there, and have planned that somehow I will be a published author before I get to fifty-four... ten years! At the time of writing this, three years have been left behind and I'm still wishing the same future, and doing something about it. I think we'll just have to wait and see how it pans out.

I moved from the farm after my divorce was finalised, giving me the resources to find a better place, one that didn't need bailing out at the slightest sniff of rain. It had taken almost a year of looking before I found this place in Loe Bar. Yes I know it's not Coverack, but then I'm a very patient man. The place I chose was not on the Lizard itself but just a couple of miles from it at a place called Loe Bar.

The house is on a long-term let, and at the moment I am quite happy here. The house is an upside-down house with the bedrooms down-stairs and the living quarters above. I have a large lounge, with one end of it my office, where all the magic happens, and the television as well as the views the other end. I have a balcony through french doors which looks right down to Porthleven harbour, including the famous church tower thats always used by photographers when the sea crashes over the harbour onto it. I also have a double garage... perfect for the Aston, which rarely comes out unless the sun is shining, which isn't very often at the moment.

I have views over to the cliffs of the Lizard, right down to Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole - although to see Mousehole I need to get the telescope out!!!


Where I Live

editLoe Bar near Porthleven. Blimey, this is an easy page to write! :)

I have moved around quite a bit in the past six or seven years. I lived in Gunwalloe for ten years before deciding that I needed to move on an find somewhere that I would feel happier. I won't go into all of the ins and outs of that time in my life, just to say I had a few hiccups, with my life, with my health and also the stresses of work after it having a sizeable bad debt. The thing with me is I always brush myself down and then carry on... what else can you do?

Fred Deakin
Design Engineer / Author